Friday, September 05, 2014

Out of habit's gravity

Yellow bike to mark the start of the Tour de France in York.

This explains the blog title:
It's been a year since I posted. You get more news about us if you're on Facebook, but not everyone is, so I thought it worth a post.

Last week we were on holiday in York. We stayed in a townhouse just outside the city wall which was very handy for the city and also for a nearby park. The house had WiFi, but we restricted its use so that there was a little bit of difference compared to being at home. We visited the Jorvik Centre, which is not a museum. One of the boys requested that we didn't go to any museums, so when people would say "Oh York, they've got a really good railway museum", we would explain this limitation.

We also visited the church Paul used to go to when he was at University there, but he didn't see anyone he knew from student days, though a couple of faces were possibly familiar. Joel sprained his ankle while skateboarding so we got a chance to visit York Hospital, which wasn't the hospital Paul used to work at when he took a year out from his degree - but was near it. He's still using crutches over a week later, so it's taking a while to heal.

The previous post on this blog, from this time last year, was Lads Days Out. This year we haven't had a day out yet, either all together, or each one taking a turn with Dad. However we do have something in mind for all of us.

News of the boys:

Ben has switched schools and is now going to a Grammar School for sixth form, showing that if you "fail" the eleven plus you can still end up at a Grammar School. He's doing Music, Music Technology, Maths and Philosophy & Ethics (two words, one subject).

Callum is entering his final year of GCSEs and thinking about options for sixth form.

Joel is going to need to choose his GCSE subjects in the next few months.

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