Monday, September 23, 2013

Lads days out

For the past few years I (Paul) and the boys have had a "lad's day out". We've been to Silverstone and the Gadget Show at the NEC (twice). This year there was nothing they could all agree on, so it looked like it wouldn't happen. Then Callum entered a competition to win tickets to see Imagine Dragons. I was working at home, so it went like this:
"Dad, I've won tickets to see Imagine Dragons."
"That's not going to happen."

Outing Number one - Imagine Dragons

In fact it did. It was a long evening driving there and back, but it was a good concert. Here's a photo that proves that SLRs can still easily beat camera phones in some circumstances.
The support act was called The Good Natured and were vaguely goth like. Imagine Dragons were pretty engergetic and the lead singer broke the big drum (like the big bass drum in a marching band) that he played from time to time. The guitars and synths were a bit drowned out by the vocals and the drummer, so the music came over a bit less melodic than on the album.

Outing number two - ice skating

So having established a precedent there were going to be two more lads days out. For Joel's we went ice-skating and had a subway. Unfortunately there are no pictures, but we had a good time. By the time we'd been skating for over an hour we were quite ready for that Subway.

Outing number three - Doctor Who prom

Ben's choice was to go and see the Doctor Who prom at the Albert Hall. It was a sweltering day and we were high up in the upper circle with a restricted view of the stage.

The concert was great. It was broadcast on TV a few weeks ago so you may have seen it. As well as the music, which is mostly the stuff from Murray Gold written for the current serieses, you get characters appearing in the aisles and Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman for a time. We also got an appearance from Peter Davison and the first Companion who is probably Susan Foreman. I don't know if they had to because it was the proms, they also played some classical pieces which had been used in the old Doctor Who series, but without anything appearing on the screens or any characters, so it felt like this music was a second class citizen at the event.

Next year, I don't know what the lads will end up doing.

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