Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Summer 2012 part 2 - Lighthouse and Olympics

The first week of the school holidays we were all involved in Lighthouse.  Paul only helps with the setup on the Saturday, and taking down at the end. The rest do all that, plus help during the week. There are no new photos on the website unfortunately. Susannah was deputy site manager again. Joel was there for the last time as a child. Ben and Callum were helpers (called Lamplighters) with the 7 year olds. Joel was old enough though to join his brothers at “Fresh Cafe” – an evening event for teenagers run at one of the other Lighthouse sites. They have large inflatables, a tuck shop, sports and lots of other activities for teenagers.

After recovering from Lighthouse we then had an early start on the following Monday so we could see the Olympic rowing at Eton Dorney.

Team GB Women's Double sculls

We didn't see any medal races but we did see the women's pair set an Olympic record on this run of 6:44.33.

On the Wednesday the four males of the household, together with our church’s gap year worker, went to Wembley to see Korea play Gabon . The score was 0-0. It wasn't the most riveting match, but it was the first time we'd been to Wembley at the atmosphere was good. When it got boring we did Mexican waves.

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