Saturday, October 25, 2008

Half term already

It's the autumn half term already. It's been a busy few weeks as we've visited various schools now that Ben is moving up next year. Our 6 choices are in now. Ben has sat the 11+ and we'll hear the results of that next month. We'll hear the school he'll be going to next year, so a few more months to wait. Ben doesn't mind particularly whether he goes to a Grammer or Upper school, and neither do we. We just want what's best for him.

Joel is continuing to avoid hamsters. Callum's drum lessons fell through, though we have a three-quarter size kit at home for him to practise on. Our car is dying slowly and unfortunately there's no NHS for cars, so we're looking to replace that soon. We recently had a church weekend away to Cefn Lea, which the boys really enjoyed. They wanted to go back the following week, but we said that it wouldn't quite be the same without their friends there. It was in Wales and it rained a lot. However it was even more rainy than Wales is used to as we went through floods on the way back.